Kitchen designs / Bedroom designs

Choosing a kitchen design and style is a daunting experience for any of our customers which is why our kitchen designer is always on hand to make suggestions and offer design ideas and concepts. Deciding on your dream kitchen requires extensive planning at the design stage to achieve the desired result for the customer which is why we provide a computer kitchen design service. This allows the customer to visualize the project rather than a metal picture. ¬†Appearance is obviously important, but creating a kitchen that is practical for your needs is just as important. Our kitchen designer has helped hundreds of homeowners to achieve their dream kitchen, regardless of budget. 

We offer a huge selection of solid wood kitchens ranging from designer inframe to high gloss modern kitchens. We make every effort to ensure our prices are competitive and affordable without affecting quality. We also offer a huge range of wardrobes from typical bedroom wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes and sliding wardrobe systems. Just like our kitchen selection each wardrobe can be tailored to suit you storage needs.

We provide a free call out service and use the latest technology in computer design. See below for a sample of past computer designs all of which come complete with full dimensions for electrical and plumbing works.

Measuring your space

A) Start with the first wall and work to your right around the room. First, measure the overall length of each wall and note it clearly on a piece of paper with a rough sketch.

B) Indicate any breaks in walls (windows, doors, etc) by measuring from the corner to the outside edge of the molding. Don't forget to indicate any fixtures such as appliances, air vents etc.

C) Indicate on the sketch any plumbing, ducting or outlets. The current layout is crucial to developing a new design as differing circumstances determine the finished model.

Once we have this information we can begin working on some kitchen design ideas for you.