Freestanding vs fitted wardrobes

Moving from an apartment to your own home can be stressful and one of the most annoying things can be something that most people don’t consider – until they are confronted with it.

Wardrobes!  For many, while living in an apt, you may have purchased or built a free standing wardrobe as this might have been a solution to having tiny, tiny apartment wardrobes with absolutely no room.  While a free standing wardrobe might take up more room, you can actually hang your clothing up without it getting all wrinkled (which means you don’t have to iron as often – thank goodness).

However, are free standing wardrobes all that helpful when you decide to buy a home or have one built?  Isn’t this the time where you can finally get yourself a real closet?  Some things to consider when making this decision:  what will a free standing wardrobe look like in your bedroom?  Presumably, it could stick out like a sore thumb and honestly, fitted closest are, for the most part, so much nicer.  They offer variety (you can have them built any way you want) and you can basically add any feature you may like.

They also look much classier as they fit in well with the rest of the house, whereas free standing wardrobes are not necessarily built to fit in well with your home design.

Fitted wardrobes are definitely the way to go.  They are much more pleasing to the eye, you can have them any size you want and you can add as many features as you would like (more shelving, more shoe space, etc.)

Yes, there are some instances where free standing wardrobes are handy, but if you have a choice, then the why not go with the fitted wardrobes which are definitely better value for money in the longer term.

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